Morpho Tower

Kodama, Sachiko
“Morpho Tower”, 2006.

Magnetic fluid, crystal,steel, plastic and loudspeakers.
Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 31 cm.
Weight: 18 kg.
Collaborator: Yasushi Miyajima (Sony CSL).

This piece was part of the exhibition “Machines and Souls: Digital Art and New Media” in the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid in 2008.

The work of Sachiko Kodama is based on the study and manipulation of certain substances, ferrofluids whose properties are almost magical. Ferrofluids are substances that due to their high iron content and have magnetic properties and so respond to magnetic fields vibrating and changing shape. Using an IT system Kodama controls the strength of the magnetic fields to precisely graduate the response of the liquid. Curiously, these images are not entirely unfamiliar: they remind us of synthetic images created by computers, with their brilliant surfaces and capacity to change their shape and volume in an instant.

Protude Flow, the project that made his work known, uses this technique to create a liquid sculpture that constantly changes shape to the amazement of the spectators. Her work is an example of how scientific research can expand the expressive vocabulary of artists and allow them to create images that we would have thought possible only in the realm of the imagination.

On loan from Art Futura Collection.