3.1 Registration method

• Artworks can be registered online from January 1 or by handing in the registration form to a member of the Award’s management team on February 27, 2019 in fair.

3.2 Registration form

The registration form can be downloaded here:


The registration form should include the following information:
• Title of the artwork.
• Information on the gallery and the artist or group of collaborators.
• Brief description of the artwork (maximum 50 words).
• Sales price, taxes included
• If the artwork is documented on the internet, send the URL with the information.

3.3. Expanded proposal

Participants may expand the information on their artwork indicating on the form the URL of their websites. The expanded proposal, presented in the form of a website, should include the following essential elements:

• Description of the artwork (maximum 500 words), explaining its central concept as well as the technological resources used.
• Images of the artwork.
•  Biography of c.v. of the participant.
• In designing a web-based proposal, participants should bear in mind that the Jury’s time is limited. Therefore, maximum clarity and concision in the website’s design are requested.
• The development and hosting of this website shall be at the participant’s expense.