Paolo Cirio

Paolo Cirio is a conceptual artist, hacktivist and cultural critic.

Cirio is considered one of the most noticeable Internet artist for embodying hacker ethic values, such as open access, privacy policies, and disrupting economic, legal and political models. He received a number of legal threats for his Internet art performances with practices such as hacking, piracy, leaking sensitive information, identity theft and cyber attacks.

Paolo Cirio is best known for having exposed over 200,000 Cayman Islands offshore firms with the work Loophole for All in 2013; the hacking of Facebook through publishing 1 million users on a dating website with Face to Facebook in 2011; the stealing 60000 financial news with Daily Paywall in 2014 and of e-books from with Amazon Noir in 2006; defrauding Google with GWEI in 2005; the obfuscation of 15 million U.S. criminal records with Obscurity in 2016. His early works include his cyber attacks against NATO and reporting on its military operations from 2001. He combines internet art with street art projects disseminated on public walls such as the unauthorized photos of U.S.Intelligence Officials found on social media with Overexposed in 2015 and images of individuals found on Google Street View with Street Ghosts an ongoing project since 2012.

His work in BEEP Collection: “Michael Rogers”