The BEEP Collection awards the 12th edition of the prize to Luis Lugán for two pieces presented at the José de la Mano Gallery

This year, in its 12th edition, the ARCO BEEP Electronic Art Prize has been awarded to two pieces by the artist Luis Lugán. Without doubt Lugán is one of the historical references in the use of technology in Art. A multi-faceted artist in whom we find questions regarding optics, kinetics and sound, he formulated, at the end of the seventies, a radical body of work that gave a place to the experiences of the Computation Centre. In the last few years he has been revisiting this period in which both the Computation Centre and the Pamplona Encounters are unmissable dates, in this work the contribution of gallery owner, José de la Mano is proving fundamental to knowing the artistic production of this time. In the BEEP Collection, Lugan’s work will become a part of the pieces that underline the origins of technological and interactive art.

Also in this open call, the jury composed of Fernando Castro-Flórez, Roberta Bosco, Marie-France Veyrat and Vicente Matallana has unanimously decided to award honorary prizes to Daniel Canogar and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer in recognition of their trajectories. They are two artists clearly represented, with two powerful pieces, in the BEEP Electronic Art Collection, two careers that are fruit of the deep friendship which unites them.

With the prize awarded to Luis Lugán and the honorary prizes awarded to Daniel Canogar y Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, a link has been established between three absolutely contemporary artists.

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Vicente Matallana

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