13 years dedicated to new media art - “The EKRMZ TRILOGY”

Formed by 34 pieces by renowned international artists, the creation of the BEEP Collection is rooted in the ARCO BEEP Electronic Art Prize, part of the International Contemporary Art Fair ARCOmadrid (Black Box and Expanded Box). It contains works created with new media encompassing so called net art, robotics, electronics, bio art, the digital and interactive art, covering all the fields that contemporary technology allow, being a faithful reflection of the new modes of reflecting upon our reality in the fully functioning technological age.

As a metaphor of the functioning of society and the use of internet we find the work of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Davide GrassiChristophe Bruno, the collective UbermorgenJulius Von Bismarck & Benjamin MausManuel Fernández o Daniel Canogar. Working with IT programmes the installations of Charles Sandison stand out, and at the meeting point of sonorous art and new media the work of José Antonio Orts. Eduardo Kac explores the idea of the subject in the post-digital world through bio art while Andrés Pachón y Manu Arregui expose a new social reality through the use of 3D.

Canogar, Daniel - “Querty”In the field of robotics, we find the interactive sculptures of Anaisa Franco that connect the physical and the digital; offering new forms of communication using mechanical elements, the installations of Ricardo Iglesias y Gerard Kloger; in search of a self-organizing system, in nimesis with nature we find the works of José Manuel Berenguer; and the works of Marcela Armas as a channel to investigate concepts of energy and sustainability.

Thanks to recent loans to the collection by the Rodríguez-Veyrat family, the Art Futura Collection and the LaAgencia Collection, the BEEP Collection has been greatly enriched by pieces that speak of new models of artistic communication (FakeShop), the age of digital surveillance (Paolo Cirio), artistic activism (etoy), the democratisation and healing power of art (Evru), programmed obsolescence in action in the urban world (Marie-France Veyrat), and the importance of the today’s spectator and their visual capacity (Fabrizio Corneli, Ulrich Muchenberger and Hong Sung-chul).

After 13 years of existence, the BEEP Collection continues to be both a witness to, and an agent of the transgression created by the intersection of Art, Science and Technology.