BEEP Electronic Art Collection

Bruno, Cristophe - “Fascinum”

The BEEP Electronic Art Collection is fruit of the objective of the TICNOVA Group to empower artistic creation linked to technology, and to encourage communication between developers and creators of technology and the creators of art. A natural collaboration that benefits and enriches both worlds.

Associated with the ARCOmadrid Contemporary Art Fair since its beginnings through the ARCO-BEEP Electronic Art Prize, in 12 years it has generated one of Europe’s most important Electronic Art collections. 34 works that eclectically resume the tendencies of the technological mediums in the field of artistic practice.




Sandison, Charles - “Natura morte”

In 2015 the collection implements a new acquisition and production policy, placing its resources, through the New Art Foundation, at the service of the artistic community, continuing an active policy of patronage in this field that has made possible more than 80 projects, festivals, exhibitions and investigations in the last 12 years.