Antúnez Roca, Marcel·lí

Restoration, 2015

The Alphabet installation consists of a wood column with tactile sensors on a raised platform, an audio system and a computer system.

A radar detects the presence of a spectator in the room and emits a sigh when someone enters. When at last someone touches or embraces the cylinder it emits voices. They are onomatopeyas organized in four emotional states: anguish, pleasure, happiness and pain. A sensor located at the base of the column identifies and allows one to select the “emotional state”.

“Alphabet” insists on the idea of a corporal interface. The proportion of the trunk, its acoustic reaction and the necessity of gesticulation stimulate the spectator until they become implicated in the game.

“Alphabet” is a work produced originally for the Telefonica Foundation in 1999 whose restoration and updating have been undertaken by the BEEP Electronic Art Foundation.