etoy.CORPORATION does not sell isolated art objects. etoy sells, trades and exchanges parts of itself and its brand: etoy.SHARES represent participation in etoy and cultural value generated by etoy. All 640’000 etoy.SHARE-UNITS available on the international art market equal 100% of the etoy.POWER represented by the privately held company etoy.CORPORATION (registered in the City of Zug, Switzerland / Register of Commerce CH-

etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES are works of art and part of international collections like the Artothek (collection of the Austrian Bundeskanzleramt), the Migros Corporation, the Shiffler collection and in the hands of private supporters of etoy (Michelangelo Pistoletto, Joichi Ito, John Perry Barlow etc). Each etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATE is a unique visual documentation of a specific code, moment or element of the etoy.UNIVERSE and certifies the strictly regulated ownership of etoy.CORPORATION: the core of the etoy.ART-WORK.

On loan from LaAgencia Collection.