Bruno, Cristophe
Winning Piece at the II Edition of the ARCOmadrid/BEEP Electronic Art Prize (2007).

“Fascinum” has been exhibited at the Sollertis Galley of Tolouse (2006), at the Paris International Art Fair (FIAC) in 2006, at the International Festival of Electronic Language of Sao Paolo (FILE), in 2004, and at the third Nuit Blanche of Paris (2004).

The piece, from 2001, shows in real time the most searched and seen photos in Yahoo ranked from 1 to 100. With a selector inside the internet, the most searched images from U.S.A, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and India (updated approximately every two minutes) can be observed. This allows one to make connections between “accounting and globalisation,” the artist explains: “The images come explicitly from the news media, which are first captured by large media corporations and later digested by the web (…) this play between the media and the internet is fundamental”.

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