Corneli, Fabrizio

Year: 2013
Technique: mixed/aluminium, LED, stainless steel, driver
Measurements: 100 x 100cm
Studio Trisorio Gallery, Naples, Italy

“Many of the terms related to thought make reference to light. Rationality and light are united with sight, the sense that has guided the development of human intellect with its pretensions of objectivity and its mirages. The first human constructions linked to thought, liberated from immediate practical needs were connected to light. The menhirs of Stonehenge, the obelisks and the grand astrological constructions combine three main themes: light, time and the cosmos. This is expressed in the form of the halo that demonstrates the diversity of the divine and the sacred, almost the emanation of a higher energetic state. If I ask myself right now, the reason for the choice of a partially atypical medium such as light in my work, I can find many rational and theoretical explanations but fundamentally there is an instinctive fascination with it that goes beyond theory.” Fabrizio Corneli

On loan from Rodríguez-Veyrat Family Collection.