“Independent Robotic Community”

Iglesias, Ricardo  y Kogler, Gerard
“Independent Robotic Community”

The installation is based on studies and concerns in the search for and representation of new forms of interaction/communication between mechanical elements (robots) and carbon representations (humans). The objective is to show how communication, even among robots, allows for greater understanding and better socialisation.

A community of small format robots is introduced divided into two groups. Each group is assigned a primary level of socialisation and a selection of sounds that form a personalised vocabulary. This initial state consists of a simple movement within a specified spacial environment.

When one robot encounters another robot, information regarding its status and sounds is exchanged, increasing its level of socialisation. Each increment leads to development of the complexity of the movements which in turn allows it to extend the scope of its exploration of the space and the same time allows for the possibility of new encounters, repeating the cycle.


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