“Ojo a ojo”

Muchenberger, Ulrich
“Ojo a ojo”

Technique: Installation of light, mixed media.
Measurements: 60cm. diameter.
Karin Sutter Gallery, Basel, Switzerland.

The eye is the most frequently used organ of perception. No other organ is exposed to as much information as the eye. In the majority of cases, our eye submits to reason that processes information regarding size distance and other properties of the exterior world. These categories in themselves are not familiar to the eye as it only distinguishes the concept of light (light-darkness) and the concept of colour.

Ulrich Muchenberger explains, “The meaning of my work consists in the vision of flowers. When the eye intensely incorporates colour, the eye seeks a balance of colour according to the principle of complementarity. I use this characteristic in my works of light by integrating darkness as principal component. In such a way as to give the eye the opportunity to completely open its potential for the visual perception of a complete image. The bridge between internal experience and external manifestation is colour, that is; communication between the internal and the external.”

On loan from Rodríguez-Veyrat Family Collection.