Lugán, Luis
“Untitled”, circa. 1970.

Winner of the XII Edition of the ARCO BEEP Electronic Art Prize (2017).

Mixed technique. Electronic circuits.
30 x 15 x 17 cm.

A piece dated precisely in the most intense period of creative activity of the Computation Centre, where the artist experiments with random electronic circuits of light and sound. The lights are articulated with a sequence of variations and rhythms accompanied, in the case of later works, by sound. An immensely important aspect of the incorporation of sound to the plastic works of Lugán is the possibility for manipulation by the spectator. In practice, Lugán has conceived his works as something susceptible to living experience, modified and controlled by the spectator. The interest of the author in the active intervention of the spectator while contemplating the piece leads him to include a remote control to regulate the intensity of the sound, not losing because of that, the aleatory aspect. Not only that, one is able to eliminate the sound, and so establish comparisons with the luminous effect alone, or accompanied by the rhythmic sound track.

Lugán wants the spectator to perceive the associations, or distortions, between light and sound, as in an unpredictable and spontaneous manner the piece generates the set of electrical pulsations and fluctuations. Forms, volumes, spaces sounds and in some cases temperatures are some of the elements that Lugán operates with in a unique work in the field of plastic creation.