Winning Piece at the IV Edition of the ARCOmadrid/BEEP Electronic Art Prize (2009).

“The EKMRZ TRILOGY” is made up of three projects, each one about an online economic giant that is possibly one of the most conflictive and least studied aspects of contemporary digital culture (by art or from any angle).

GWEI – Google Will Eat Itself (2005-08) generates money from the self same google ads located in hidden pages. The profits are used to buy shares in the internet’s number one company. A “self-canibalizing” model of the digital economy that reminds of the meme that we have seen circulating: If Google is made by the users, let’s nationalise Google!

In Amazon Noir – The Big Book Crime (2006-07) the bad guys (Cirio, Lizvlx, Ludovico, Bernhard) have appropriated 3000 copyrighted books which are sold on Amazon thanks to a robot of “Perversion Technology”. The programme in question has ended up selling Amazon for an undisclosed sum.

The Sound of eBay (2008-09) uses data from the users of the platform to generate sound. You enter your username and email and you receive a notification when your song is ready for downloading. The sonic pieces, presented in the “teletext porn style” circulate the web, in the form of audiovisual landscapes.


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