“The perpetual Storytelling Apparatus”

Von Bismarck, Julius y Maus, Benjamin
“The perpetual Storytelling Apparatus”
Winning Piece at the V Edition of the ARCOmadrid/BEEP Electronic Art Prize (2010)

A work of art capable of creating infinite works of art. That is how we may define “The Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus” that tells a story in images through drawings extracted from the files of the US Patent Office.

The artefact finds drawings on the internet whose descriptions match keywords from an account provided by the artist, and prints them in real time under the gaze of the public. The patent that best relates to the analysed text is used as a seed and, in this way, the drawings of more than seven million patents, many of them truly fascinating, are continuously reproduced on an extremely long sheet of paper as if by some exquisite third millennium cadaver. This sheet can then be cut in the desired measurement, turning the machine into a perpetual creator of unique works.

“The Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus” constitutes an important contribution to the theme of semantic connections and the translation of the word to images.

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