Try Not To Think So Much

Eugenio Ampudia
“Try Not To Think So Much”, 2018.

With this piece Ampudia continues his line of work of emphasizing on art as an effective communication method. In this case, the artist plays with the paradox of breaking that flow through communicational noise. By applying the term “noise” to communication, he not only addresses an unpleasant sound but also any interference in this process. With this work, he alludes to the communicational noise with which we cohabit and which surrounds us, and transforms into a silent method of influence in our everyday environment.

The artist aims at communication in the art world, that tends to be endogamic and self-referencing while proclaiming discourses which are supposedly intended to bring culture to the spectator. The fact that the piece´s noise is made from the appropriation and superposition of conferences related to the art world which are hardly understandable, is an ironic nod to the theoretical apparatus and the codes on which the art system relies. The phrase is a composed amplifier, and every letter comprising it has a pertubing mission, allowing Ampudia to configure a faltering narrative, which also speaks about subjetivity of the discourse and opens doors towards ideas sunch as the discourse of powers or the power of Foucalt´s discourse.